Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stodolni Tour

In an effort to meet trainees from other countries, my roommate and I decided to tag along with the Czech interns at the famous Stodolni tour in Ostrava. It is a yearly event that is comparable to a pub crawl except that all of the bars and clubs are on one street "Stodolni" hence the name. After a two hour train ride, and red bull in hand, we were ready to party like its 1999. Figured we had a lot of making up to do after a lack of it here in Zilina. Ostrava as a city has yet to shed its past communist looking buildings and industrial background but it has Stodolni street so a reason to visit!

After a nice lunch and a sightseeing tour (in the dark), we headed to the Pilsner Urquell restaurant where we were met by trainees from all over Czech Republic. The entertainment for the evening began with a good old fashioned drag queen show followed by some less professional drag queens (I wish not to elaborate... "he" can tell you about it himself!!). This is the perfect time to adopt the Las Vegas saying that what happens at Stodlni Tour, stays at Stodolni tour.

The rest of the night was open for bar hopping from one place to the other although the majority of people congregated in one bar for the night. I went and explored the whole street only to find that really there is only a couple great clubs. Oh and as per usual, I sampled some more food;) This time it was some juicy burgers, perfect after a long night of partying. Overall a really great time was had, met some awesome people, with great stories, and hope to see them all in the future sometime. I was so happy to become reacquianted with my pillow this morning at 7 am.


At 1:49 AM, Blogger Alex Martin said...

I heard that "he" did a better Britney than Britney herself...

At 1:58 AM, Blogger Blanka said...

"He" would definately give her a run for her money!


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