Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Quote from Last Weekend

This past weekend Miriam and I went to Lucas's (LCP Zilina) home town of Topolcany. Just like most other Slovakian towns it had the usual city square, with a church in the center and surrounded by little shops etc. We had a really good time on Friday night as we finally got to go to a dance club. Good to know that I can still shake it! It really irks me though that clubs in many European cities have not adopted the concept of . Really, if I want a vodka seven, then mix it for me, instead of giving me a shot of vodka and a whole bottle of Sprite or Seven Up. Its just a hassle.

Saturday, we headed to Nitra and yes you guessed it, there was another castle. Well this one was more like a church on a hill surrounded by castle walls. Very nice inside though with beautiful painted ceilings and sculptures. After Nitra we headed to a smaller village outside of Topolcany where there is a Ranch of sorts, something like our version of a petting zoo. Perhaps if I was 15 years younger, and not hungover from the night before, I would have been more interested. Nevertheless it was all worth it when Lucas said the most bazaar thing I think that I have ever heard; "I want to buy my mom a monkey for her 50th birthday!" What made it even funnier is that he said it in all seriousness.... A MONKEY, for the house, one that she could take care of while Lucas was away. Really I'm just gonna leave it there because there is nothing more I can say other than good luck.
I'm sure it's no sweat getting a pet monkey in Slovakia.


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