Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lets Adopt Meal Tickets

Slovakia and much of Europe by the sounds of it has this wonderful concept known as meal tickets. Your employer provides you with meal tickets which are basically as good as money at many restaurants or even the grocery store. The amount varies but it is usually around 80 Slovak Koruna, or about $3.50 Canadian. Many restuarants in the town center here in Zilina have their "Daily Menu" or lunch menu for about 80-85 skk. It includes a choice of a soup and a main dish containing a meat and potatoe or rice, etc. The best part is that these are big hearty meals and usually very delicious. When I think back to what I could buy in Calgary for $3.50 it doesn't even compare to the lunch here in Zilina. I'd say that companies in Canada could take a lesson from Europe and provide their employees with lunch! Anyone want to start a petition with me....

On another note, while I was at a restaurant today for lunch with a couple co-workers, I met an American guy from Michigan here on business. I assume that it had something to do with KIA automobiles because there is a manufacturing plant outside of Zilina. He was also sitting with a couple of Asians and thats usually a given here. In any case, I was having yet another craving for something sweet so we went to the front of the restaurant where cakes, cookies, and fruit bowls are available. While I was enjoying my chocolate marvelka, this guy walks up and automatically assumes that everyone should understand him and know how to speak English. The waiter of course did not and looked a bit flustered the more that the American tried to ask him what kind of cake is this. I went up to try to help; well actually I was just excited to speak English with someone. Turned out that he was kind of ignorant and asked me how can I live here, it was so depressing to him. I on the other hand have found a lot of charm in this city so I didn't appreciate his comments. Could we call this loyalty on some level?


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Roger said...

Great! Thanks for standing up for Zilina.

As far as I remember, the way these vouchers work is that the employer docks part of the cost from your pay (in some firms the workers buy the vouchers at a discount), and pays the rest itself. They then claim the money back off tax. So in a way this is a transfer from the government to the luncheon voucher companies to bribe you to eat in town (though lots of people actually use the vouchers for shopping in Tesco).

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Iris Wong said...

Glad that you're getting your dosage of sweets over there. Reading your blog sure makes me hungry!

I can't believe that American dude said what he did!

But I'm really glad that you're enjoying the city! Calgary misses ya much!

At 11:10 AM, Blogger kent said...

Damn yankees...haha.

And they wonder why nobody likes them.


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