Monday, October 23, 2006

National geographic LIVE

Did I mention that we have a snake as a company pet?? Yeah, not the most attractive of creatures but a pet nonetheless. Today is feeding day! This means that as I speak, there is a poor little white mouse running for his life in the cage.

I'm sitting here in awe. Its like watching a national geographic show live. All I need is the dubbing of the narrarator who will give me the play by play or whats happening, the predator vs. prey relationship. I wonder if the poor little guy knows whats coming for him. Its taking the snake forever to find him and catch him (I may have to update this post later.)

Sure enough here is the latest and greatest. The first mouse was a fighter! He lasted at least an hour before the snake devoured him. I actually missed it because we went out for lunch and when we came back he was gone. The second mouse though was not so lucky, or maybe he was. He was quickly snatched and eaten. It all happened so fast and it's definately not a sight for the squeemish. I sat there with a disgusted look on my face the whole time but I saw it all. Ahhh what an exciting day, I need to get out more!


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