Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The View From the TOP

Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to the top of the mountain of the ski resort that I am working for with my boss Marcel. It was definately an off road drive and I'm sure his car wasn't happy about it. The name of the resort is Snow Paradise Velka Raca and it is due to open, weather and snow permitting, at the end of November. The highest point at the top of the mountain is 1050 meters. I know what all of you Calgarians are thinking, and yes it pales in comparison to our Rocky Mountains, but nonetheless, the view was beautiful. I especially love this time of year when the leaves are turning and there is so many different colors on the trees. Autumn doesn't really exist in Calgary as far as I remember. The city that I live in is about 25 km. away from the resort so there will definately be some weekend skiing happening. Time to start looking for a ski bunny outfit!!


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