Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome Back

So I realize that my promises to keep my blog updated have gone to shame in the last couple weeks. I have however tried to keep everyone posted with the mass emails so I don’t feel so bad. Anywho, its about 1 am here in Zilina. I had a really busy day and got to see a lot more of the city than the confines of the university dorms. It’s a cute little town with a nice center square, actually two. I went and had lunch there today, and while it was a bit chilly to be sitting outside, I could imagine how nice it would be in the summer. I even opened a Slovakian Bank account today.

The AIESEC local here has been great. They’ve been with me since I got here and have helped me with everyday tasks that I would normally have no problems with in Calgary. Being the self dependant person that I am, it’s a bit hard for me to constantly ask for help with such mundane tasks as going to the grocery store or even buying a bottle of water, but I guess I should be happy that I have someone who is willing to help me out until I get used to things here. The language is somewhat similar to Croatian and I can pick up some words but at the same time once the locals start speaking quickly, I’m totally lost. I went to a recruiting presentation by AIESEC Zilina and watched a whole hour presentation in Slovakian knowing what it was about, but not understanding a word anyone was saying. I was just looking around and watching for cues of when to laugh because someone told a joke, unbeknownst to me. I even got to have my own part in the presentation, talking about why an exchange with AIESEC is such a great experience. Mind you it wasn’t my greatest speech but I figured the audience couldn’t understand half of it so I was safe.

I’m starting to get settled in. I’ve had my room to myself all week as I wait for my roommates to arrive. Miriam from Spain is arriving tomorrow and I am really looking forward to meeting her. It will be nice to speak with someone who is going through the same things I am. Being the first one here meant that I got first dibs on a bed and a desk. I think I’ve left my mark on them!! I’ve also partaken in a local drink known as tatranski caj, or as I now like to call it “hangover in a bottle.” My first night in Zilina, I think I can show off to the boys in the club and four shots later, I wasn’t feeling so hot. Needless to say the next day was spent drinking plenty of water while I sat at the recruiting table (Layial, Peter and Andrew, you would be so proud of me!!). Oh and for all of you fuse ball players, just wait till I get back to Calgary, I'm getting lots of practice here.

I’m heading to Czesky Krumov this weekend with Alex and my friend Megan and Dave from Calgary. I will attempt to take the city bus and then train to Prague on my own. It will be so great to get to see Meg half way across the world. I hear this town is supposed to be really quite charming.
I've posted more pics of my time in Zilina, I swear I didn't drink all of those shots!!


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