Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am now a Croatian Woman

I have officially been crowned a REAL Croatian woman after successfully learning how to make Pita. I know this seems like a bit absured but for those of you who understand the Europeans, you'll know that they are big on cooking. My mother has for years been hounding me to learn how to make Pita and my response was that I'll learn when I have to; well now I have to. Pita, by the way, is a national Croatian dish, very delicious too. I would describe it as a rolled up pastry with fillings inside like meat, potatoes, cheese, you name it. What really matters though is that I am now in the elite group of women who can make Pita, although mine wasn't anywhere close to my mother's who by far makes the best Pita I have ever had. Many of you who have been to my house can attest to this fact.

I even took pictures (yes thats how big of a deal this is) so that there would be no doubts!

Trust me, it tasted damn good!!


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