Monday, October 09, 2006

Cesky Krumlov

This past weekend was spent at Cesky Krumlov, one of the best preserved Medieval towns in all of Czech Republic, perhaps Europe. I decided that I really ought to take advantage of all of this "vacation time" that I have nowadays. So I packed up my bags and came to Prague to meet Alex, and one of my good friends from school, Megan and her boyfriend Dave. I was feeling quite independant woman like after conquering the local bus in Zilina, train to Prague, and the metro here in Prague. Dave, Meg and I, tried to purchase bus tickets in advance but the very unpleasant lady at the ticket office said that there were no busses leaving for Cesky Krumlov even though the schedule says otherwise. Needless to say there was, however you had to transfer busses in Cesky Budejovice. Details I suppose. We all stood in line for the bus, got on and soon realized that there was way more people than seats meaning we had to stand!! I've never seen this, standing on an intercity bus, a bit dangerous don't you think?? We stood for an hour and a half which after a 6 hour train ride was a bit too long for me but something different. Luckily we got a seat for the rest of the way.

I booked us a bed and breakfast in Cesky Krumlov which turned out to be so great after a long day. The guy even came and picked us up from the bus station. Pension Sebastian Rocks. Super nice place with a big washroom, and nice clean beds. Before departing for bed though, we all thought we were due for a beer after that experience. Our host suggested a place down the street, VERY local, and boy was it ever. I had a local burley man who had way too much to drink, try and romance me (ok thats being generous, he made grunting noises and gestures and all he knew how to say in English was "me normal"-not so much buddy). Alex, Meg and Dave, felt sorry for me but at the same time really amused by the whole thing.

We spent saturday touring the town and the castle, before going for a hearty meal and some drinks. By 11 pm we were at a local discoteque putting our dancing shoes to good use!! I love dancing in clubs that you know you will probably never be back at. It means 80's moves are absolutely permitted and encouraged I might add. Dave and Meg left for Vienna on Sunday morning and Alex and I went and toured the city some more. We went to the Castle Theatre tour which turned out to be a bit disappointing, it wasn't so much of a tour as an entrance and history lesson with a very nervous tour guide. Pics are up so check them out, link is on the side.

I'm back in Prague now. I plan on going to do some more exploring on my own, maybe check out the national museum. Its quite nice outside though and after a chilly Saturday I feel compelled to stay outside and enjoy the sunshine while its still around. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you got your turkey fix for the year. Send some my way!!


At 9:28 AM, Blogger petey01 said...

how big was the town and when you say a "medival" town, was the town inside a huge castle? sorry for the dumb questions but i am interested to know.


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