Thursday, October 12, 2006

On the bright side

Today was the day that made me realize that everything works out in the end. It started out with a meeting with my company, Snow Paradise, here in Zilina that went really well. I found out the details of my new job, half of which I can't exactly explain right now but more details to come once I start doing it. Tomorrow I am going to tour the ski resort with my new boss and then Monday I will begin my regular work hours. My office is in the city center and seems like a relaxed enviroment, no penguin suits thank god. I'm quite ecstatic about how the meeting went because my job appears super interesting, and my supervisors have some big plans for me. Because I've had so long to prepare for this, it was nice to have it turn out to be better than I expected.

The rest of my day was spent sampling Slovak delicacies. I had bryndzove halusky for breakfast. It is a popular Slovak dish made with a local cheese. My best way to describe it is like our mac and cheese only with a white cheese and no crappy macaroni noodles but something along the lines of gnochi. I later went out with another friend and had some burcak, a drink that is made up of the liquids before they become wine. Basically it is like a sweeter, less bitter version of wine. After that, I tried langos. This is a quick meal you can grab on the go, comprised of a deep fried piece of dough with garlic spread on top and whatever other condiments you wish to put on there. We had cheese and sour cream, but ketchup, mayo, etc. is also available. Dessert time included a fruit cup with a really thick cream. Needless to say we walked back to our place to work off some of the calories.


At 11:33 PM, Blogger AbnerGadiel said...

wow, it sounds so good! yea, the food here is awesome too but the only thing i really miss is POTATOES, lol...


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