Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Its not Turkish after all

Yesterday I wrote about how I discovered my newest favorite sweet, Turkish Honey. I was really interested in what it was and how its made but every time that I looked up the term Turkish honey, it didn't lead me to any answers. This morning while talking to my friend Jason in Calgary I learned that it in not called Turkish honey, in fact it is not even Turkish. I think that Slovak and Czech Repulics just call it that.

The true name of it is Gaz nougat or honey toffee and it is a traditional Iranian sweet. The honey, Gaz, comes from the juices of a desert plant called Angebin and then it is combined with a bunch of other ingredients including pistachios to become the nougat form. If you go here you can watch a video of how the sweets are traditionally made. Its yummy!


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