Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wasting Time

Its been a slow and I mean slow couple days at work so I've consumed my time with pointless excersizes on the internet. And since today is another one of these days, I thought I'd satisfy those of you who've told me to update my blog (after you read this you will see why I havent).

For those familiar with wasting time on the clock, you know exactly what I mean. First you read the papers, catch up on world events so that if something really "newsworthy" actually happened, then you'd be up and up on the conservations (of course you know about the stock market slowdown...). As is the case usually, I don't really find anything that blows my mind other than the general back and forth, upa and downs of life in todays day and age. Seeing as how I haven't watched TV in lets see, about 6 months, internet newspapers are the next best thing and I have to say way more enjoyable as I can select what I wanna read. Theres a couple that I frequent; the "international view"), (for the canadian stuff), I only look at the weather forecast which usually brightens my day), and (business and interesting perspectives). Recently a friend of mine emailed me a list of websites for celebrity gossip and all else Holywood but I just haven't gotten into them yet. Although I think I might have been the last person on earth to find out about the Britney head shaving incident. Clearly importnant journalism.

Then there is Facebook, email and catching up on other blogs. I'm not even going to start with Facebook other than saying that I, like many others are ashamed at how adictive it has become. Seriously; people I thought I'd never talk to, and probably for a reason, I can now snoop on and see what they are up to. Why this gets me going? I have no idea and so I will blame it on being abroad and lacking close personal relationships with those I miss (excellent excuse I think).

Finally and probably the most exciting thing to do, which is why it should be at the top of this post but its not, is planning my trips for the next oh lets say 6 months. Couple things on the go include a very likely escape to Istanbul in the middle of April because it is ubber cheap and well I haven't traveled outside of the Czech and Slovak republics since Christmas. Then in May, a possible trip to Barcelona to visit my old roomate. The summer of course needs to include lots of travelling as far as I'm concerned. It will start in the beginning of July in Paris, thanks to an unexpected 2 day Czech holiday! The last two weeks in July will be spent with the fam dam whom I'm starting to miss terribly. I'll meet them in Bosnia and then we are off to the Croatian coast line for a week and then my sister and I will head to Italy for a bit. Final plan, if holiday time and money willing, is a trip to Greece in September.

I'm getting just giddy thinking about it, so I've spent a lot of time searching out flights, hotels, etc. and researching tourist info. I'm getting frusterated though with not being able to find flight times that would suit my schedule to the cities I wanna visit. Jeez, why didn't they consult with me first before coming up with these timetables.

Anywho thats that. I leave you with parting words from my friend Cedric that said "some people don't get bored."


At 1:07 AM, Blogger ~diana~ said...

OMG, it's like reading my life story. except my version involves traveling in asia and not europe.


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