Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

It's December 19th and I'm having a really difficult time getting into the whole Christmas spirit if you will, because it just doesn't feel like it. Be warned that I am writing this while laying in bed because I caught a bad cold right now of all times. Last year on this day I was likely stressing out about having to write an exam or likely already writing an exam stressing about all of the things I still had left to do after I finish writing this exam. There was snow outside, my house was nicely decorated, my sister was playing her favorite Christmas music as she likes to drive us crazy, my mom was cooking up a storm and I had an endless list of presents that still needed to be purchased. Oh and lets not forget about all of the fancy schmancy Christmas parties I was supposed to attend.

This year there is a big change of scenery and an unlikely amount of free time on my hands. First of all Europe is going through some weird weather patterns and everything is brown and muddy outside, not to mention the cloudy skies that have been around since I can remember. While I'm not complaining that it is not freezing cold, I would like to see some of the white stuff for Christmas (come January I may regret saying this). My living space consists of a dorm room with three beds, three desks, three girls and all their belongings. This leaves little room for Christmas decorations even if one of us was in the mood to actually go out and purchase any. Part of it lies in that none of us will actually be here for Christmas. The only Christmas music I've heard is coming from a big tree in the main square of the city which I have to admit creeps me out a little the few times that I have walked by. As for presents, well I had to consider that over a month ago so that I can send it half way across the world and have it arrive in time for the big day. My list was also significantly shortened as well. So that was taken care of a while ago, except for a few things I am bringing to my family in Bosnia.

This brings me to the revival of my Christmas spirit for this year. On Saturday Alex and I are boarding a plane and heading to Sarajevo to spend Christmas with my family in Bosnia. It has been 14 years since I spent Christmas there and I honestly don't remember what it was like. My hope is that I will be reminded of what Christmas was like in my childhood. More importantly I am looking forward to all of the food and good times we will have. Having some family around will be good for my soul. Then we are heading to London for New Years, and afterward to Winborne to visit Alex's grandparents. A two week break to disconnect from everything and be around close family and friends is just what I need right now.

So wherever you are spending Christmas this year, I hope that it everything you wished for and that you are surrounded by lots of food and good people.


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